Zilia S?nchez at Artists Space

Lunar V, c. 1973, acrylic on stretched canvas

Artists Space‘s elegant retrospective of the too-little-known Cuban artist Zilia Sánchez is mesmerizing.

From AS:

Her paintings have regularly taken on a modular character, comprised of two or more abutting parts. This seriality has become a cornerstone of Sánchezâ??s work: she continues to rework and add to paintings begun as early as the 1970s, considering each work to be a part of a larger whole. Alongside the sensual and haptic â??queeringâ? of a hard-edged minimalism, her multi-part works bear relation to the temporal and semiotic sequencing of musical notation, as well as to the architecture of tropical modernism.

The show is on view until June 16.

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