Two New Books on Beach and Surf Culture

This week sees the release of two new books on beach and surf culture. One, titled Slide Your Brains Out, compiles fifteen years of photographs taken by Thomas Campbell. From the book’s publicity description: “Campbell’s surfing photography has long been admired by fellow surfers for its lack of gloss finish; unlike most, he eschews the familiar fish-eye shots or tightly cropped land angles.” It is the first of a projected series of ten surf photobooks to be released by Um Yeah Press. For more, here is an interview with Campbell.

The other book is a limited-edition compilation of renowned photographer Martin Parr’s work made on beaches across the world. Titlted, appropriately enough, Life’s a Beach, the book includes “close-ups of sun bathers, rambunctious swimmers caught mid-plunge, and the eternal sandy picnic.”

Above: A spread from Martin Parr’s Life’s a Beach.

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