Jill Sigman’s Hut Project

HUT #8, Jill Sigman at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center

Jill Sigman's Hut #8, currently on exhibition at New School University. Photo by Kathleen Kyllo

Over the summer I was fortunate enough to meet multimedia artist Jill Sigman, just as her exhibition at Arts@Renaissance was closing. She was in the process of dismantling the seventh part of her Hut Project, an ongoing series of site-based activities that explore ideas about sustainability, home, responsibility and questions what actually becomes of the waste we create. Huts have been made in Troy, NY; Bushwick, Brooklyn; and upcoming in Oslo, Norway. Hut #7, which had been built from found trash around the gallery site, was at once a sculpture, a conversation piece, a habitat and a venue for any number of possibilities. We’ve been keeping an eye on her ever since.

This month Jill Sigman is building Hut #8 from discarded plastic bottles sourced on the New School campus. I dropped in on her online pokie games today to check out the progress and take some photos.  As before, her skills and care in using discarded materials to build structures impress. She encouraged me to spend some time inside the hut where she’ll be having tea with visitors next Tuesday. Looking up, the light filtering through the plastic walls has an oddly beautiful effect. Having graduated from New School, the space feels completely transformed by her work. (She is still collecting recyclable plastic for building.)

The view from inside Jill Sigman's Hut #8. Photo by Kathleen Kyllo

Join her next week for two exciting free events as part of the New School’s Art, Environment, Action! show at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center.  RSVP to reserve tickets for Tea in Hut #8, from 3:00-6:00PM on December 11th, or Movement Ritual for Hut #8, at 7:30PM on Thursday, December 13th.

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