Water Falling


I’m now back at Harmony, working on some creative water and wastewater solutions. Our goal is to bridge a greater connection with water sustainability, that’s assuring it’s integrity from source to sink. We started with a water audit, wow! The some-what low tourist months of August/ October consumed nearly 300,000 gallons of water!

We have a great opportunity to creatively implement solutions integrating site collection (rainwater) and re-use (treatment) strategies. Now more than ever will we have surplus recycled water, as we’re currently designing new processes in wastewater treatment for the spa and worker facilities. Let’s all come together to assure that next year this number is reduced.

One Response to “Water Falling”

  1. Tammy says:

    Evan, that is fantastic news! I am really exicited to read this. I bet this also incorporates the challenge of too much water in the hotel grounds during rainy season.