Outer Seed Shadow #01

This past January I had the opportunity to speak with artist Juanli Carrión about his recent project, Outer Seed Shadow #01. (Check out our interview here.) He described to me that Outer Seed Shadow #01 was to be a Manhattan-shaped  community garden, where native plants from various countries could represent the rich diversity of the New Yorkers living in those neighborhoods. Carrión also planned to use the garden as an opportunity to interview those involved about their immigration experience, by creating a safe and nurturing space where these conversations are encouraged.

Six months later, Outer Seed Shadow #01 has become a gorgeous reality. Outside of the modern design and experience of coming upon a beautiful public garden in the heart of a city, the project has already accomplished exactly what it was meant to achieve, and more. Twenty four plants from twenty four countries have been planted, and you can watch interviews with the individuals who chose them. Get involved by becoming an interviewee, attending the public programs, donating to the garden,  or sharing the story of this wonderful project.

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Outer Seed Shadow #01
Duarte Square
New York City, New York

*For those who are curious about Costa Rica, the chosen plant was a snapdragon.

Artist Juan Carrion speaking to a group of visitors at the garden.

School of Visual Arts visiting OSS#1

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