Warhol, Basquiat, and Degas, as part of National Gallery Exhibition

"Minotaur" by Pablo Picasso, 1933

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Costa Rican Center of Science and Culture, the National Gallery in San José is hosting the exhibition “Herencia del Art ” (Art Heritage), bringing together some of the most exciting work to have every been shown in Costa Rica. The collection includes 158 pieces from renown artists including Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Renoir, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Robert  Rauschenberg, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, among others.

The exhibition runs from now through June 28th. The National Gallery will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. from Monday through Friday and from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the weekends. Find details on the National Gallery Website.

“Connection” by Spencer Tunick



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