Stewart in 1995

The first thing you notice about Brooklyn surfer Todd Stewart is his infectious energy. Professionally, he runs a production and editing company called Picture Farm Productions, which also doubles as a gallery. When Sandy hit in late 2012, Stewart was one of the first one the ground, using his gallery space as an informal drop off spot for canned goods, clothing, blankets and supplies. In his down time, Todd also finds time to run one of the most popular NY-area  surf blogs, Endless Bummer. Read Todd’s thoughts on surfing below!

Name: Todd Stewart
Age: 39
Where do you live: Brooklyn, NY
Years surfing: 20+
Surfing is: The imperceptibly slight rise, then suddenly smooth dip on a country rode. The moment, after all the clanging and banging and rumbling, when the rollercoaster finally lets go.  The split second when that air pocket, thousands of feet up, sends your ginger ale flying off the seat-back table and your bum parts ever so slightly from the cushion. It’s the weightless feeling your gut wants more of. At least mine does.

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