Martin Klimas’ Flower Explosions and Daft Punk Paintings

German photographer Martin Klimas loves to play. I came across his remarkable photos of high speed flower explosions after reading about a former work of his featuring photographs of shattered ceramic figures. For the flower series, Klimas first soaked them in liquid nitrogen before blasting them with an airgun. The result is a burst of color and texture unique to his own style.

Next week, Klimas’ newest show, SONIC, will open at the Foley Gallery in New York City. Using beloved work from Charlie Parker, John Cage, Daft Punk and Kraftwerk among others, Klimas’ procedure is to pour paint directly onto speakers while a chosen piece launches the paint into the air. It is at this precise moment Klimas is ready and taking the photograph. Read more from the Foley press release below:

Guided by the science of wave phenomenon, Klimas brings together a mix of psychedelic paint, high-speed camera technology and a jukebox full of music. He uses paint as an abstract expressionist might, making a photographic recording that captures the feel and gesture of music’s sound .  His procedure is to pour paint over a protected speaker diaphragm while a selected section of music is broadcast (more like blared) through it, launching the paint -projectile style- in mid air.  The sounds of Charlie Parker, Daft Punk and Bach et al. can be seen in comparison, measured by the paint’s reaction to vibration and Klimas’ choice of colors.   In making music visible, Klimas explores the expression of sound, adding one more visceral element to its total experience.

September 18-through November 3.
FOLEY is open Wednesday – Sunday, 12 – 6PM
212 244 9081


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