DUMBO Arts Festival

The annual DUMBO Arts Festival kicks off tomorrow where you can see the piece above entitled, “Who’s Chelsea Manning?”. The work by artist Kyle Goen created 1,600 transparent colored flags, in reference to the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue White House address, to make up the installation. “The piece will appear, from afar, as a mammoth pixelated image of that famous face and cap, hanging across Water Street. The 26-by-70-foot installation aims to replace the simplistic view of the 25-year-old Manning, sentenced to 35 years in prison for exposing some of the US government’s most extraordinary war crimes. Convicted of several counts of espionage, though cleared of ‘aiding the enemy,’ Goen believes Manning is guilty of little more than informing the US population of the government’s illegal torture centers and civilian murders in Iraq. The Wikileaks video that went viral showing US Apache helicopter snipers expressing bloodlust as they killed 2 Reuters reporters and the family who came to rescue them is perhaps the most famous example of Manning’s exposure of government secrets.

On a lighter note, you can join a colorful art procession on Saturday led by Russian performance artist Andrey Bartenev. Bubbles of Hope (above) that promises “to deliver a message of harmony and joy with a healthy dash of sheer extravagance.”

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