Unlocking Malibu’s Beaches

Malibu hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in this country, and apparently many of the residents in the area have been putting up fake signs for years, discouraging the public from accessing them.

USA Today reports that despite recent legislation put into action to protect the rights of the public to use the beaches, it’s not exactly easy or encouraging to do so when you can’t find a good way to get to the beach. Most who try will be confronted by fake trespassing signs and locked gates. Of course, nobody wants the influx of tourists to happen in their own back yard, but public land is for public use, and living next to it comes with that probability. Until now, the wealthy residents have managed to deter visitors, but at least a few people have come up with a way that will make it harder for them to keep the land to themselves. Jenny Price, a writer, artist, and environmentalist, has come up with an iPhone app that will show you exactly where each public access point to the beaches exist. She’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the app, where you can learn more about how it works, and how to find your own sandy getaway.


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