For-ev-ah Young

Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers is ostensibly a beach movie, thus earning a place on the Harmony blog, right? I hope so, as it gives me an excuse to post my favorite review of the film thus far, by Amy Taubin for A sample:

When the camera has its fill of gravity-defying boobs, it switches to buttocks, and then to hot-pink-tinted lips fellating red, white, ’n’ blue popsicles, then back again, over and over until you might wonder when the story is going to begin or if this giddy, tawdry, MTV-on-ecstasy spectacle is all there is—a visual ground for the movie’s genius ambient sound track that punctuates Cliff Martinez’s anxiety-driven electronica with Skrillex’s dub-step riffs and intermittent backbeats of assault rifles cocked or fired. Close your eyes and make up your own pictures. Because some of those on the screen, their dazzling mix of pop excess and stringent form notwithstanding (even Warhol stuck to halftones for the “Death and Disaster” paintings), are just too ugly. And I’m not referring only to the glimpse of the kid passed out or maybe dead on the floor beside a stopped-up toilet. Did she OD on Skittles? Can a movie be too colorful to swallow?

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