We Upcycle

Can Tealights by Patrick

We Upcycle, a blog by Lisa Schultz and Magdalena Akantisz, hosts a wide variety of ideas for creating new and useful objects out of old ones you might have thrown away. The project started when the two students, based in Vienna, decided to post 30 objects they repurposed and reused in creative ways over 30 days. They launched the site and stated that as long as people keep sending them “upcycled” objects from around the world, they would extend the life of the blog by one day for each object and post about it.

It’s a simple concept, but at over 500 days and going strong, clearly there is a strong desire by many to find creative ways to reuse our “trash.” The site is well worth exploring for ideas, even if you do have to do some sifting to find something to your taste. The project does an admirable job of making sure the next time you think about throwing something away, you’ll also think about how you could turn it into something useful.

Tire Table by Jeanine

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