Michael Krebber, astrorock

Michael Krebber, astrorock, 2008

It seems Michael Krebber has been on a raw foods diet, or maybe some plan of specific separation, Kosher or macrobiotic-style. Here he took a group of mainly German-made (who knew?) windsurfing boards, and made a group photo, seven boards lined up like brahs. Then he made a poster, folded it up, and hid it with the other gallery info. Then he collected a few additional boards and dissected them for the world to see, pawned them, basically, almost like how Mystery did on The Pick-Up Artist, but those were boys, and here Krebber is schooling artistic machismo. So the poster made a funny little “before” shot to the show’s “after.” Speaking of amuses bouche, one problem with the drawings in the show: Justus Köhncke is extremely attractive; one shouldn’t be remiss in depicting that type of thing.

––Jessica Slaven in Paper Monument

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